Friday, July 24, 2009

TopShops' A/W 2009 Predictions

Now I know that the Earth spins on its axis and so the northern hemisphere is in one season, while the southern hemisphere is in another - but it doesnt stop us from looking at their predictions for what is going to hot this winter (while we are baking in the African sun!). Snap up some of their predictions quick before the end of the season - but also look at investing in some of these items for Summer (some of them can be worn no matter when):

Here they are:
  • Lace-up Boots
  • One Shoulder Dress (MR. Price has a great red version in stores now)
  • Structured Mini (Im already loving these and have made a couple of my own)
  • Sequins (I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that these will be big - must be true if it's restated)
  • The Harem Trouser (my cupboard is already full of these)

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