Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink Toes for Spring!

If you read my post below you will see that this past weekend was a great one for relaxing and diy-ing. So I painted my toes. Bright Pink. Just in time for Spring!

Other colours to try this season:

  • Orange

  • Mint Green

  • Reds

  • Purple

  • Coral

Nude nails need not apply

Stylescoop launches "Glossy" The Fabulous, Free Digital Glossy Magazine for Women

Press Release from

Durban, August 2009: Who would have thought that you could flip through glossy magazines, live on your computer screen? Well it’s a reality and it is now available to fabulous South African women as well.

For women, glossy magazines have become their most important companion - a source of inspiration, information and guidance, especially when it comes to fashion, style and beauty advice. Every woman wants to know the secrets to looking gorgeous and turning heads and StyleScoop - the fabulous portal for women understands this.

After a year of providing South African women with daily scoops on hot trends, inside information and all things fabulous, StyleScoop is now giving women even more via their online portal. Marking their first birthday, StyleScoop introduces GLOSSY - the brand new, digital glossy magazine filled with fabulous fashion, beauty and style pages, from local and international beauty companies, runways and designers.

This innovative way to produce magazines not only saves you time and money, but also saves our environment by practicing paperless publishing. “It’s a great way to give women more without expecting them to pay for more. It comes at the perfect time as the recession has forced us all to tighten our belts a little” says Publisher and Editor Dimi Ingle.

The premiere issue of GLOSSY, launching on September 1st 2009, features articles by stylists and fashionistas, interviews with designer Abigail Keats as well as Highveld’s stereo's drive time presenter - Bailey Schneider. You can also get the inside scoop on beauty trends that have been tried, tested and loved or check out the hottest trends for spring with the fabulous spring 2009 look-book.

Check out the official website and start flipping through the content live on your computer screen.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to make your own hair accessories

This weekend was a relaxing one - I spent most of Saturday getting stuck into some awesome DIY goodies.

I'm sure you've all heard in the recent fashion media that hair accessories are going to be quite key this season - so instead of paying big bucks for cute pieces, why not fashion (scuse the pun) your own? Here's how:

You will need:
  • Elastic Band
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Buttons
STEP 1: Cut a piece of elastic (in whatever thickness and colour you want) to fit around your head comfortably

STEP 2: Sew the 2 ends of the elastic band together

STEP 3: Now choose some of your favourite buttons and sew them onto the elastic band - I suggest sewing them to the seam on the band - that way you cover up this seam.

STEP 4: Show off your new headpiece!

Great Looks for Spring

Any one who knows me knows that I follow religiously. Here are some great looks from that website for Spring:

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Fabulous little idea: REWARDROBE: A place that allows you to sell your own gently worn clothes for a minimal admin fee and commission. Find them at the Biscuit Mill:

Thank you LostLouboutin

Thank you to for adding me to their blog roll!

Paris Hilton Shoewear

Yes, Ms. Hilton has designed and produced a range of shoewear - you can pick it up at most Stuttafords, NY Junctions and at Fizz in East London (image that?!)

One thing that I can say about her range is that it is undoubtedly stylish and fabulous. She has designed her shoes with comfort and price in mind. Her shoes retail between $60 and $160 (roughly R420 and R1120)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Topshop - Kate Moss A/W 09 launches tomorrow (27th August)

Kate Moss's new Topshop range for A/W 09 launches tomorrow! For more info:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pippa Lynch Profiled for GET IT Magazine

I was recently invited to do a profile on myself and my business - here is the double page spread they did on me. Thank you GET IT Magazine! I also made it to the front cover - awesome!

So there I was at CT Fashion Week....

...minding my own business when a lady from ARISE asked to take my picture because she liked my outfit. And here I am on her blog:!!

I am the 4th from the top. Such a compliment! Thanks Robyn.

On Air

I was invited to do a radio slot for a company here in Durban. here is the video for the behind the scenes:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Truworths: Spring / Summer 2009

I got the latest Truworths newsletter which details the big trends they're going to be following this upcoming season:

  • 80's is back with a vengeance: slim cut denim, batwing tops, harem pants, wet look leggings and of course: sequins!
  • For guys: dont feel left out - they have something special in mind for you and it's going to be very colourful! Think electric pink, orange, yellow and green. Pick yourself up some aviators, anything denim, and retro sneakers
  • Fringing as well will continue to be key this season

Interior Styling

Lately I have been getting more and more involved with interiors styling - Here are some pics:

Cape Town Fashion Week - Street Style

I managed to get down to Cape Town for Fashion Week last week and while we were standing in line waiting to be let in for the shows, I decided to get some snaps of really interesting fashionistas.
Here are some of the things that I found:
Love her use of colour:

Love these funky tights:

Interesting patchwork!

Yummy Boots:


Loving The English Muse blog - check out these fabulous cards - a great way of keeping your walls looking interesting

Friends with Jenny - Open Days In CT, Joburg and Durbs!


I just received this press release from Levi Strauss:

That old pair of jeans at the back of your cupboard can now be given a second lease on life.

From the 27th July, consumers can bring their old jeans – any brand, colour, style or size, (as long as they are still wearable) to any Levi's® Store. For each pair donated, you will receive a voucher that entitles you to up to R200 off your purchase of a new pair of Levi's® jeans. The old pair will be donated to disadvantaged communities supported by Rocking the Daisies and Rocking the Gardens. What a win win situation, Levi's® jeans are given to those in need; you will have scored a great new pair while doing something good!

Q: From when does this promotion run?
A: The promotion starts on Monday 27 July, and will continue as long as voucher stocks last. We hope to run the promotion for at least 2 months, but this will depend on the response we get.

Q: Can I only bring Levi's® Jeans in for donation?
A: No. Any brand, colour, style or size of jeans are acceptable as long as they are still wearable.

Q: What does “wearable” mean?
A: Whether or not the jeans are considered wearable is at the discretion of the Levi's® Store manager, but here are some guidelines to consider when deciding what to donate:

  • Fly zips must in working order and no buttons that close the jeans may be missing.
  • Rips and repairs are acceptable as long as the top block & crotch of the jean is not ripped i.e. jeans can be worn without exposing underwear
  • Jeans should be clean i.e. washed (if the jeans have paint or other permanent marks on them, this is acceptable)
  • Shorts, ¾ capris and full length jeans are all acceptable – as long as they are denim
  • Frayed leg openings are acceptable

Q: Is this promotion only valid at Levi's® Stores?
A: Yes it is, though we will announce other collection points via the media from time to time. Your voucher can however only be redeemed at a Levi's® Store.

Q: Are you collecting jeans for men and women?
A: Yes we are.

Q: Can I also donate children’s jeans?
A: Yes you can. The same conditions apply that they must be wearable.

Q: Are only jeans being collected?
A: Yes, though shorts, ¾ capris and full length jeans are all acceptable – as long as they are denim.

Q: How many pairs of jeans may one customer donate?
A: You may donate as many pairs as you wish, as long as the store has enough vouchers on hand to honour your donation & can physically accept the donation in terms of storage space in store. Remember though that each voucher can only be redeemed against one pair of jeans purchased.

Q: If I hand in three pairs of jeans and get three vouchers, can I use them all when I buy one pair of new jeans?
A: No, only one voucher can be redeemed against one pair of new jeans purchased. To use all three vouchers you would need to buy three pairs of jeans.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

King Collection

Last Friday I went to Leigh Schubert and Ruff Tung's King Collection at the King Club. Given the absence of a Durban Fashion Week, the 2 designers worked in collaboration with the owner of King Club to host their own Fashion Week.

The music was superb (The latest Alanis Morisette), the designs were stunning (Fantastic choice of colours, fabrics and silhouettes) and the venue simply decadent. I have never been to the King Club (in the middle of Durban city) and being their was completely inspiring and other worldly. I felt like I had stepped into 1950's Durban. Great fun.

Here are some pics from the evening:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Slick Trunk Show

I recently went to the Slick Trunk Show that happened in Durban - they basically had a room in a local hotel packed to the rafters with clothes, running rails and handbags.

They have these events in CT, Joburg and Durban - if you would like to get on their mailing list to find out more about their events, go to

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cosmo Online Feature

I was recently invited to contribute to another feature for Cosmo - check it out at

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elle Workshop

Last week I went to the Elle Beauty Workshop at Gateway's Max Institute of Fashion Art.

Here are some pics from the event, as well as some lovely fashionistas that I just had to take some pics of!

Some of the big trends that we will see coming through this Spring / Summer 2009:

  • Black lipstick
  • Dewey complexion (clear skin, that looks healthy and fresh)
  • Smokey eye
  • Jewel Colours like blue, turquoise and green

Women's Day Talks

August has been a busy month for me! Here are some pics from a few Women's Day talks that I did:

  • Absa
  • Momentum
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • SanAquam

And Ive loved every minute of it!
I have a few more talks coming up:

  • Business Connexion - CT
  • Business Connexion - Dbn
  • Netcare

And will post those when I have them


Woolies will be launching a new premium range called TRENERY on the 20th of August in select Woolies stores. It is brought to you by the same group that created Country Road.

Im not sure if South Africans are looking for more premium brands, given the recession and current tough economic times Im sure everyone is looking for some great quality bargains.

They must have done their research though if they followed through with this investment.

Decide for yourself!

Create your own outfits

Ive just stumbled across this utterly superb website: It allows you to create your own outfits and sets with just a few clicks of your mouse button.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Anthropologie Catalague: Sartorialist Style

Fashion Brand Anthropologie has just launched in August 2009 catalogue by paying homage to The Sartorialist. Their catalogue doesnt feature models, but rather "real" people on the streets.

Check out more at:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Smithsonian Library Seed Catalogue

It has pics from the Smithsonian Library's Seed Catalogue.

The reason Ive put this up there is because Vintage is a really BIG trend at the moment, and indeed features on many of the big Trend reports for our Spring / Summer 2009. These pics are great inspiration to get you in the vintage mindset.
How you can wear the Vintage trend:
  • Go for soft fabrics like lace, chiffon and organza
  • Prints will be pretty florals, paisleys and nature pics
  • Colours will be whites, soft creams, pink, mints, baby blues and grey

Swim Suits from Miami Fashion Week

Some great swimwear from Miami Fashion Week:
Top is L* Space
Bottom is V Del Sol

Move over and The Sartorialist!

There's a new street style kid in town:

Recessionary Times call for Stylish Recessionary Measures

Second hand clothing is my one major weakness - and so for a mate's comedy gig this evening, I decided to look for a new outfit. But not just any outfit - a second hand one.

So I went venturing into Pinetown to the Highway Hospice and this is what I picked up:

  • Brand spanking new Dorothy Perkins babydoll dress - from their sample sale, grand total = R30

  • Jacket with very crappy buttons which shall be replaced by fabulous vintage buttons this afternoon, grand total = R30

  • Necklace = R15.

So my new outfit has cost me a whopping R65. New outift : none of the guilt!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah are coming to SA! They have a show planned for the 30th of Oct in Cape Town. To book, go to

Bargain Store Directory - CAPE TOWN EDITION

  • Stock Exchange: If you are on the search for fabulous international brands like D&G, Gucci and Prada at low prices, then search no more. 116 Kloof Street. Contact 021 424 5971
  • Access Park: All the great factory stores in one strip mall for your bargain shopping convenience. or 021 683 5885
  • The Pink Shop: 72 Main Road, Mowbray. Sells decent second-hand goods. Contact 021 689 5696
  • Soliette: They stock a great range of 2nd hand clothing that has barely, if never been worn. Visit their temporary store at Adare House, 1 Fleetwood Ave, Claremont.
  • Second Time Around: Long Street, 021 423 1674. A great place to pick up real vintage clothing.
  • Glitterati: 082 819 5247
  • Bell Bottoms: 021 333 2116

Bargain Store Directory - JOBURG EDITION

  • Big Blue Clearance Store: 57 Third Avenue, Linden. Quirky is what they do best, so visit their clearance store for some great bargains. Go to for more information.
  • Oriental Plaza: Bree Street, Fordsburg. Save yourself a plane ticket to the East and rather spend a day at the Oriental Plaza. Most of the stall owners are willing to barter so practice your negotiation skills before venturing here.
  • Zara Factory Shop: Yes, you read right – the Zara Factory Shop… This fabulous international brand sends over the bottom of the barrel stuff (we’ll take it…) You will find it at the Cinema Level at Sandton City: 011 784 0413
  • Levi’s Factory Shop: Shop 3, Woodmead Value Centre. 011 804 1413
  • Reminisence: 011 726 7905. 7th Avenue, Mellville
  • Greensleeves: 011 951 8900
  • Hoitey Toitey: 082 689 7348
  • The Thrift Shop: 011 672 9453
  • The Wardrobe: 011 880 9008
  • Treasure Trove: 011 880 2689
  • Bounty Hunters: 011 482 6094
  • Toc H: 011 788 6876

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bargain Store Directory - DURBAN EDITION

Hey there Fashionistas:
Ive been working on a Bargain Store Directory for each of the 3 major cities. Ill be keeping it updated so that we can all partake in the wonderment that is secondhand and bargain shopping.

Here is the Durban Directory - CT and JHB to follow shortly!
  • Jam Clothing: Shop 136, The Crescent, Umhlanga Ridge. They have a great range of international brands at ridiculously low prices. The clothes in store are excess stock so go in regularly to check out the latest stuff. Go to for more information or call 031 566 2182.
  • Highway Hospice: Shopping has never been so charitable – or cheap! The Highway Hospice usually has fabulous pieces so spend some time looking around. They have 4 hospices in and around Durban so there’s bound to be one in your area:
    >Pine Parkade Building, Commercial Road, Durban. Contact Marleen on 031 305 5151
    >Shop 4, Elangeni Centre, Inanda Road, Hillcrest. Contact 031 765 7083
    >8 Ivy Road, Pinetown. Contact 031 701 4726
    >56 Locksley Drive, Sherwood.
  • Playtex Factory Shop: 114 Stamfordhill Road, Greyville. Why should great underwear cost you the earth? Contact 031 303 7905
  • Osman’s: 53 Hospital Road, Point, Durban. If you are on the lookout for great gifts, trinkets and cheap clothing, then Osman’s is the place to be. They have everything from kitchenware to wallets. Contact 031 368 6777 or visit
  • Broadway Beats Imported Coats: 031 309 1604
Have a fab week