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Street Style

TopShops' A/W 2009 Predictions

Now I know that the Earth spins on its axis and so the northern hemisphere is in one season, while the southern hemisphere is in another - but it doesnt stop us from looking at their predictions for what is going to hot this winter (while we are baking in the African sun!). Snap up some of their predictions quick before the end of the season - but also look at investing in some of these items for Summer (some of them can be worn no matter when):

Here they are:
  • Lace-up Boots
  • One Shoulder Dress (MR. Price has a great red version in stores now)
  • Structured Mini (Im already loving these and have made a couple of my own)
  • Sequins (I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that these will be big - must be true if it's restated)
  • The Harem Trouser (my cupboard is already full of these)

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Pippa Lynch on Facebook - Full Events Calendar

Want to know what's happening in and around SA? Join my Facebook Group - search for PIPPA LYNCH - FASHION STYLIST, where you will find my full events calendar!

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Lingerie for big busted girls

I recently went to visit a lady that could now be considered the pied piper for all busty ladies out there.

Ever been stuck in a store searching for underwear for C cups and upwards only to find a suitable size but it was way too pricey and downright funny duddy?

Search no more - Laura Lingerie (owned by Sandra Thomas) is a boutique in Kloof, Durban that caters for larger busted ladies. But the best part about it is that if you DONT live in Durban - she couriers to you! Great service with a smile. And her underwear isnt that expensive either - a bra from Laura Lingerie could set you back only R280. Fabulous.

Go to her website: for more information.

Mr. Price Trend Report

Want to know what the big trends are at the moment and what will be really big in the future? Take a look at Mr. Price's Trend Report online:
  • In a nutshell - the big Spring trends will be:
    "Glamazon": Anything bohemian, safari-inspired, ethnic and animal print - Think Ethnic Goddess
  • "The Simple Life": Interesting fabric choices: checks, florals, stripes, patterns, vintage, embroidery, rustic, house-on-the-prairie vibe, interesting buttons - Think country Charm
  • "Neon 80's": Go for geometric, anything that might have been worn by Madonna, acid-wash, wet look, biker, synethic, polyester, and dont forget bright! - Think "Born in the 80's"
  • "Tech": Quite similar to the "Neon 80's" I mentioned above - but much more about clashing colours, cartoons and vintage-inspired t's, nylon
  • "Nomad": This is all about keeping it natural and neutral: earthy colours, pastels, nautical, lightweight fabrics, vintage, and very laid back.

Cute as a button

Lately, Ive been really inspired by buttons and little trinkets. I recently came across a vintage store in Morningside, Durban that has been giving me vintage buttons for free.
Use your buttons to transform an old cardi, jacket, shirt or skirt - otherwise have a go at creating your own outfit with these fabulous buttons.
And not only am I inspired by the aged buttons, but Im loving the colours and metals - a great insight into what's instore for us in spring and summer as far as fashion and colours are concerned.

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Feed Bags

Thank goodness something good has come from the Bush administration. Jenna Bush (daughter of US ex-president George Bush) has designed a range of fashion FEED bags for The World Food Programme.
Her designs include these as well as small clutch bags. Cute and Ethical.

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The Sartorialist - Published!

Scott Schuman - the man behind THE SARTORIALIST - is busy publishing his first book called "The Sartorialist". Available in the States from the 14th of August, and then worldwide from Sept onwards.

Do yourself an inspired favour and GET A COPY!!

Look Book

If you love seeing what the stylish are wearing elsewhere in the world, log on to - normal people in extraordinary get-ups.
Awesome inspiration!

Beijing Fashion Trend

No wonder the population in China is what it is - they're using condoms to make fashion statements and not for their intended purpose!

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Right, so I know that we dont have access to the shopping heaven that is H&M, but I thought I would tell you anyway in case you are venturing off of SA soil to more shopper-friendly destinations.

Jimmy Choo is teaming up with the British retailer to create a line of shoes and handbags that are affordable for their shoppers. FANTASTIC! Shopping for great brands with none of the guilt.
So get your passports ready and shop til you drop with H&M and Jimmy Choo.

The range will be available from 14th November onwards.

Happy shopping!

Funky Tights

So I know that tights are really big this season - but who would have thought that these would have been all the rage?

Certaintly for the more adventurous dresser but a kind of statement that anyone will find intriguing....

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Street Style

If you love looking at street style - take a look at THE SARTORIALIST - the latest guy to get involved with Vogue, and was also voted as one of The Times' top 100 fashion designer influences.


Could Escada be calling it quits?

The famous German ladies fashion house is looking at shutting down operations - and is said to have already brought in Insolvency experts.
Some insiders have already said that the winding up of the company is pretty much a given seeing as though "98 of the available 99" measures to avoid bankruptcy have already been investigated with no successful solution to the problems. And if their insolvency does go ahead, it could happen within a matter of weeks.
If this is true, the Fashion world will be losing one of it's greatest fashion labels...

And the question begs asking - what other brands are susceptible to the recession? Could our current economic turmoil spell doom and gloom for our other favourite brands?

And if these larger fashion houses are sucumbing to the pressures of cashflow, what sort of hope do us smaller brands have???

The Making of Chanel's A/W 2009/10 Collection

This short video shows you the painstaking processes that are used to create those fabulous Chanel creations.
Take a gander at the intricate workings of the great Ateliers (of which there arent many left in the world!)

Chanel for the poor man

I must show you something very funny (yet, strangely sad given the current economic you-know-what): a "Chanel" paperbag - Designer handbag for the poor man...

Very tongue in cheek, and thus..


Coco Avant Chanel

"Coco Avant Chanel" is the new "documentary" about Gabrielle Chanel's life. Staring Audrey Tatou from the "Amelie" fame, this biopic follows the ups and downs of Coco's life - her many loves, her early years in the orphanage, the many things she did to make money (including being a prostitute).

The movie comes out on the 28th of August in SA - I definitely suggest going to see it! After all, it does follow the life of Fashion's brightest stars...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TopShop Style Notes

Im a fervent believer in the TopShop philosophy. And as such, I have subscribed to their fantastic newsletter. Here are some of their tips and current must-haves:
1 - Sequins: This is a major trend sweeping the stylish globe. I must admit a trend I prefer to keep to evening escapades, but TopShop claim it is something one can sport during the daylight hours as well:
2 - The Two Tone Biker Jacket: One of my favourites too this winter, the two tone biker jacket is another take on this current must have. It also allows for enhanced versatility.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dubai - Part 1 of 2

And here's the Dubai leg of my trip - Given that we were travelling there during the middle of Summer, I was scared... I have heard that Dubai in summer is literally like being in hell. The heat is so intense, you struggle to breath, your nose bleeds and you have to walk slowly so as not to die of heat exhaustion.

But we had a great time - I didnt think much of it when I got there, but after our very cliche bout of DOING SOME SHOPPING DUBAI and returned to our hotel, I was sold.

They have fabulous brands - in such a way that you think you are in Europe / USA at the same time, what with Zara, Top Shop, Mango, Banana Republic, Gap and Bebe all being available in the same place at the same time.

So on to the general info on Dubai:

Language: Arabic, but English is also widely spoken

Currency: Dirham

Exchange Rate: R2.23 = 1Dirham

Getting Around: Taxi's are VERY cheap - buses are also available

Things to be seen in Dubai: The Palm, Atlantis (Hotel on the Palm), The Sail Boat hotel, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Dune Bashing, the tallest building in the world

In the second part of this expose on Dubai - Ill tell you all about the shopping!

Australia - Part 3 of 3

Shopping in Sydney is quite different to shopping in Perth - in fact, you wouldnt say that these 2 cities were of the same country...

First of all - Sydney has very few chain stores, whereas that is all that Perth has.
Sydney also has this great street shopping culture - Oxford street being the fashionable beacon for those who want to throw around some cash. Perth is more of a strip-mall kind of place.

I took a lot of note of what the stylish were wearing in Sydney:

  • Boots + shorts + stockings

  • Skirts + boots + stockings

  • The guys are VERY stylish here, and their needs are catered for, unlike in SA where men's fashion has fallen off the radar.

  • The style here is also very individual - no one succumbs to mechanised dressing if you can call it that - they all think about fashion in their own way and thus dress to suit their personalities, not to fit in with their friends. This was my favourite aspect of Sydney - the freedom and level of confidence that people have to pull off "different" looks.

  • Leather jackets are really big - and arent that expensive either. You could pick up a great quality piece for under R1000, whereas the ones I have found here at home are way more expensive.

  • 70;s and grunge are the biggest trends that I did see

  • All-in-ones are also quite popular ( a trend that is taking a while to catch on here).

I must say, being all honest and stuff, that shopping in Australia has made me quite dispondent at times with what is available here - even the cheaper retailers have GREAT items, whereas here, you might struggle to find something remarkable enough to want to purchase it. I even compared the Jay Jay's in Perth with the Jay Jay's here, and they dont compare.

Sydney has become one of my favourite places to shop (next to London's Portobello market and Bangkok)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Australia - Part 2 of 3

In this part of my AUSTRALIA series, Im talking to you about the FANTASTIC shopping that Perth has to offer. I must admit that I wasnt expecting much from the most secluded city in the world (no joke - it's officially the most isolated city on the globe), but I gotta admit - people here are trendy, even the corporate ones!

Shoes in Perth are very expensive (well, they're expensive wherever you go in Australia, but I found that they are particularly expensive in this town) - so only buy on sale or dont buy at all. Rather save your money for the other fantastic deals that are to be had.

Perth has great chain stores: from Big W (= to our Game stores), to Woolworths (not the same as our woolies - but still sells groceries), Strandbags (handbag stores), Sportsgirl (one of my favourite stores in Australia - I have never seen another retailer do 70's vintage so well. They have taken vintage styles and used modern fabrics. An absolute MUST), Target, Just Jeans, Jay Jays (Same as ours back home), Salvos (Salvation Army - GREAT 2nd hand shopping), and so much more. You will see from my Sydney insert - Sydney doesnt have many chain stores, it has more of a boutique culture to it.

Current trendy items / looks at the moment:
  • Leather / Biker jackets - worn with anything really
  • TIghts - girls here love their tights and will wear them with boots, ankle boots, ballet flats, with dresses or even skirts
  • Black and Tan: Another big look that I saw was a black outfit with either tan boots or a tan bag. Very sophisticated and understated - I really embraced this look because it's a great one for those days when you cant find anything to wear!
  • Shorts, tights and boots: another fav with the Aussies: and a great way to keep your summer wardrobe relevant in the colder months
  • All black is also quite acceptable. I have found that in SA, there is a slight stigma attached to wearing all black, but the Aussies have completely embraced it which is great.
  • Jeans are a religion on their own here - and they love denim in all it's forms: boots, skirts, jeans, bags, etc....

From a guy's perspective - here are some of the bigger trends that I saw:

  • Satchels - in high quality leather
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Leather jackets
  • Hats

And while there was plenty of time for shopping, we did set aside some time for sight-seeing. Here are somethings that you can do in Perth:

  • Go on the Perth "Eye" - gives you a bird's eye view of the city and surrounds
  • Visit the Perth Zoo - South Perth
  • Go to Ye London Court - a great little side alley stocked with british boutiques and pubs
  • Visit the shopping district in Perth's CBD - between Barrack and William Streets
  • Feed the swans on the Swan River

Although a sleepy little town - Perth has got a lot going for it. If you have the time, swing by.

Steal Rachel Bilson's Style

Anyone who knows me knows that Rachel Bilson is one of my most favourite style icons. In an article from Cosmo Online - she divulges her ultimate style rules:

Day or night, this actress looks chic. No wonder DKNY Jeans got her to design a line for them (called Edie Rose). Here, she shares her style rules.

1. CHOOSE DARK JEANS'They're so easy to dress up. I think skinnies look really flattering with heels. Get a good pair that has some stretch.'

2. RECYCLE TRENDS'It's funny how things are coming back in again so quickly – for example, one shoulder shirts were big just a few years ago and are now back in style. For that reason, I never throw anything out, and I like to wear things when they're sort of just coming out of being really cool.'

3. THROW ON A SCARF'I love scarves – I have so many. If you have a simple dress and a great scarf, you have such a good outfit. I just got an amazing silk Chanel scarf that has stars on it as a gift.'

4. MIX AND MATCH'I'm a big fan of mix-matching… taking pieces from certain outfits and pairing them with others. It allows you to create your own look.'

5. DRESS DOWN AT NIGHT'I don't like dressing up unless I absolutely need to. For a date, I wear a T-shirt and jeans with a great pair of superhigh heels. I've had to train myself to walk in them.'

RACHEL'S STYLE OBSESSIONS Yellow'I'm so into yellow right now. You can pair it with a neutral shoe or a contrasting colour such as green. And I'm not scared to wear yellow and black together.'Shrunken blazer'Wear it with tux pants and a vintage T-shirt for an androgynous look. I love clothes with a male influence.'Big bracelets'I'll put on one cocktail ring or big bracelet and that's it. Wearing a single piece makes more of a statement.'

Cosmopolitan | How to Wear | Fashion | Fashion Fiction

Cosmopolitan | How to Wear | Fashion | Fashion Fiction

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Pippa Lynch - Cosmo Online Fashion Feature

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