Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steal Rachel Bilson's Style

Anyone who knows me knows that Rachel Bilson is one of my most favourite style icons. In an article from Cosmo Online - she divulges her ultimate style rules:

Day or night, this actress looks chic. No wonder DKNY Jeans got her to design a line for them (called Edie Rose). Here, she shares her style rules.

1. CHOOSE DARK JEANS'They're so easy to dress up. I think skinnies look really flattering with heels. Get a good pair that has some stretch.'

2. RECYCLE TRENDS'It's funny how things are coming back in again so quickly – for example, one shoulder shirts were big just a few years ago and are now back in style. For that reason, I never throw anything out, and I like to wear things when they're sort of just coming out of being really cool.'

3. THROW ON A SCARF'I love scarves – I have so many. If you have a simple dress and a great scarf, you have such a good outfit. I just got an amazing silk Chanel scarf that has stars on it as a gift.'

4. MIX AND MATCH'I'm a big fan of mix-matching… taking pieces from certain outfits and pairing them with others. It allows you to create your own look.'

5. DRESS DOWN AT NIGHT'I don't like dressing up unless I absolutely need to. For a date, I wear a T-shirt and jeans with a great pair of superhigh heels. I've had to train myself to walk in them.'

RACHEL'S STYLE OBSESSIONS Yellow'I'm so into yellow right now. You can pair it with a neutral shoe or a contrasting colour such as green. And I'm not scared to wear yellow and black together.'Shrunken blazer'Wear it with tux pants and a vintage T-shirt for an androgynous look. I love clothes with a male influence.'Big bracelets'I'll put on one cocktail ring or big bracelet and that's it. Wearing a single piece makes more of a statement.'

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