Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to Wear Black

Historically, black was the funeral colour so wearing it out in public with no wake to go to was a big no-no. However in recent years, black has become a wardrobe staple widely adored for its slimming effect. If you love wearing black or are afraid of the residual stigma attached to wearing this colour, here is the ultimate dummy’s guide to wearing black:
Use black to hide or downplay a certain feature, e.g. wide hips or a flabby tummy
If you wear all black, play around with different textures to make your outfit a little more interesting
Another trick to successfully wearing all black: add an interesting detail such as a necklace, brooch or bracelet to lift the outfit
Try teaming black with other dark colours such as purple, navy or brown
Ensure that if you are wearing an all-black outfit made up of items bought from different stores that the various items are of the same shade of black.
If you look washed out when wearing black, put a warm blush on your face with neutral or bright makeup to prevent looking depressed or sick. At the same time, don’t wear too much black eyeliner as it could make you look like a goth
Go for metallic jewellery: if you have a warm undertone, gold will suit you, while silver will flatter cool undertonesTry to not accessorise a black outfit with black shoes: mix it up a bit with shoes in a different hue