Friday, July 17, 2009

Could Escada be calling it quits?

The famous German ladies fashion house is looking at shutting down operations - and is said to have already brought in Insolvency experts.
Some insiders have already said that the winding up of the company is pretty much a given seeing as though "98 of the available 99" measures to avoid bankruptcy have already been investigated with no successful solution to the problems. And if their insolvency does go ahead, it could happen within a matter of weeks.
If this is true, the Fashion world will be losing one of it's greatest fashion labels...

And the question begs asking - what other brands are susceptible to the recession? Could our current economic turmoil spell doom and gloom for our other favourite brands?

And if these larger fashion houses are sucumbing to the pressures of cashflow, what sort of hope do us smaller brands have???

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