Friday, July 3, 2009

Australia - Part 3 of 3

Shopping in Sydney is quite different to shopping in Perth - in fact, you wouldnt say that these 2 cities were of the same country...

First of all - Sydney has very few chain stores, whereas that is all that Perth has.
Sydney also has this great street shopping culture - Oxford street being the fashionable beacon for those who want to throw around some cash. Perth is more of a strip-mall kind of place.

I took a lot of note of what the stylish were wearing in Sydney:

  • Boots + shorts + stockings

  • Skirts + boots + stockings

  • The guys are VERY stylish here, and their needs are catered for, unlike in SA where men's fashion has fallen off the radar.

  • The style here is also very individual - no one succumbs to mechanised dressing if you can call it that - they all think about fashion in their own way and thus dress to suit their personalities, not to fit in with their friends. This was my favourite aspect of Sydney - the freedom and level of confidence that people have to pull off "different" looks.

  • Leather jackets are really big - and arent that expensive either. You could pick up a great quality piece for under R1000, whereas the ones I have found here at home are way more expensive.

  • 70;s and grunge are the biggest trends that I did see

  • All-in-ones are also quite popular ( a trend that is taking a while to catch on here).

I must say, being all honest and stuff, that shopping in Australia has made me quite dispondent at times with what is available here - even the cheaper retailers have GREAT items, whereas here, you might struggle to find something remarkable enough to want to purchase it. I even compared the Jay Jay's in Perth with the Jay Jay's here, and they dont compare.

Sydney has become one of my favourite places to shop (next to London's Portobello market and Bangkok)

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