Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Combining Work with Play

Eating sushi while catching up on to do lists....what an awesome job!

Soteri Collections

I have started a new partnership with a boutique called SOTERI COLLECTIONS - A high-end boutique in Sandton that caters to the Euro chic fashionista. The boutique owner is Gina Soteriou and she is looking at opening up a new branch in Hyde Park or Sandton

Look out for invites to the SOTERI COLLECTIONS workshops which we will kick off with in September with the imminent onset of summer.

If you're interested in visiting SOTERI COLLECTIONS it's corner Wierda and Katherine Streets in Sandton - Atholl Square

Naughty 90's

Every week I like to do a little "field trip" - an excursion that takes me to new and undiscovered stores.

This week, I ended up at Naughty 90's on Churchill Road in Morningside (Durban). They have a fabulous coffee shop where you can sit inside or out, whilst you are surrounded by vintage signboards and advertising.

I especially love the interiors aspect of their store - take a look at the pics: need I say more?

Sourcing Cores of all things....

Being a Fashion Stylist can provide many an opportunity for you to wander into the bowels of the industrial setting.

Here I was sourcing cores for my latest course - and nearly got run over by the machine thingy, whatever it's called

Loving Lauren Conrad

I love Lauren Conrad's style - a person one might not normally admire - but her style is so close to mine that if I had ever become a designer, this is what my range would have looked like.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cape Cobra - Exclusive Viewing

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive launch of CAPE COBRA - a range of leather goods (belts, to handbags to wallets and clutch bags).

The launch was held at their studio in Cape Town, and we were treated to fabulous models, lovely drinks and snacks.

I had a long chat with the MD of the company as well as the agency that has managed this launch:

  • Each item is handmade (which indicates the price you can expect to pay!)

  • Each animal that the leather is sourced from can be tracked from its egg to day. I dont condone animal cruelty or testing so I gruelled the team on how exactly they farm these animals. They are treated with respect and care, and when it comes time for the ... deed, it is done with the utmost care and thought. So that's good.

Here are some pics of their delicious range - but dont think you will be able to find this in your normal clothing retailer. Oh no. This is exclusive stuff. R20 000 exclusive.

For more info - give me a call, I have all of their details.

Ever wondered what a Stylist does?

We have a FABULOUS job: getting paid to shop with people for a living!

Here I am with one of my stunning clients - Lindiwe. We shopped up a storm to find her the perfect new wardrobe.

Elle Workshop

On the 7th of May, I went to the Elle Winter Trends workshop at Max Institute of Fashion Art. We had a fabulous time: the table was set with yummy goodies to eat, there were MAC goodie bags for every one and Vawters for each person.

The topic was Winter Style and Trends and what to expect this year. The fabulous Chris Viljoen, Fashion Director for Elle SA gave us a nice run down of what we can look forward to this year. Now because I like to impart knowledge in my blog entries, here is what he mentioned:

  • Ankleboots - worn with tights, skinnies or under trousers

  • Leopard Print - but I must add to this: DASHES of leopard print please!

  • Berry brights: reds, burgundys, purples, etc

  • Platform Heels

  • Toes will be a big focus this year: so get a nail technician and be her best friend

  • Dresses: worn with tights or stockings to keep you toasty

  • Detail will be another big focus - so go for different textures, interesting colour matches, lace, etc

  • Layering: a great philosophy to incorporate in the warmer months, not only because it keeps you warm but is also a great style statement

  • Go for contrast: different textures, prints, patterns and clashing colours for the more daring

  • The blazer: boyfriend or fitted

  • Minimalistic masculine

  • Tartan / plaid

As for makeup, these will be the big trends:

  • Red lips: read my little story on my red-lipstick adventures...

  • Cartoon makeup: bright colours and exagerated shapes

  • Colour

  • Flushed skin

  • Natural

Interestingly, lipstick sells well during recessionary times: it is a quick and cheap way of making yourself feel better despite the bitter economic situation. So go out and splurge on fabulous lipsticks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sarita Glamour Assist

Last night, I went to the fabulous Glamour Makeover workshop hosted by Sarita and Red Square. Edgars had sponsored 5 makeup artists who treated each lady to a full makeover. Saritas were flowing freely and there were more snacks on the tables than we could eat.

Sarita will be launching it's new glamour magazine on the 1st of August and PIPPA LYNCH will be involved! It's a very exciting for not only our brand, but for Sarita as well. The brains behind the operation, Jabulile Mthethwa, decided she wanted to launch a glamourous magazine in time for Woman's Day. As she explained to us last night, Woman's Day means something different to everyone, but what is it that makes it so special? So this new magazine will be all about what the Sarita lady wants to read about: Fashion, News, Beauty, What's happening on the social scene - it will essentially rival the best magazines out there.

Diarise the date and pick yourself up a copy of this fabulous new mag!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pippa Lynch gets a fringe...

The last time I had a fringe, I was 8 going on 21, and was a precocious little girl so I had the attitude to pull it off.

Now Im a 25 year old, still just as precocious, but with slightly more style in my fringe choices.

Unveiling the new fringe: an early saturday morning adventure that was well worth the nail biting step-by-step process.

La Femme Dinner - 30th April

On Thursday night, I went to an event called LA FEMME. It was a great evening: 3 course meal and a talk by Anne Dreyer - one of SA's more famous Image Consultants.

The topic was WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Her advice?

  • Nothing that shows the panty-line

  • Nothing that shows the bulges

  • Nothing that makes you look like mutton dressed as lamb

  • Nothing too revealing.

All this is pretty much known already, but there are other things that she mentioned that were quite interesting:

  • Most of the big designers back in the 1950's were qualified architects - so they know all about style and how things are "built" and put together

  • Coco Chanel took the man's wardrobe and made it wearable for women - hence the famous Chanel suit. Many of the great designers then followed suit ('scuse the pun)

All in all, a great evening.

The Adventures of the little fashion stylist, on a quest to find the perfect red lipstick...

Once upon a time, there was a little fashion stylist who went off in search of the perfect red lipstick. She knew that given her skin tone, a pure red would not look good, and so decided that a red with a purple undertone would suit her best.

What started out as an expedition into the fabulous yet mysterious world of the red lipstick, soon turned into an utter nightmare.

Why you ask?

Well the hue was easy enough to find, but the evil twins behind the counter had run out of that particular line's stock. Then the mean witch to the north enticed the little fashion stylist to her store, only to find that yes, she too had the hue, but also did not bother to carry more than just the tester.

The little fashion stylist was now stumped: "take the bloody hue's tester off your shelf!" she cried and fell in a heap on the floor.

2 days later however, the kind girl from a magical land called RIMMEL decided to take pity on the poor little fashion stylist and from her black hat produced a sparkling new perfect red lipstick. "Number 400 - Berry Queen". Ahh yes, the world was right again.

The End.

"Such drama and intrigue - I love the way it represents the true difficulty in finding the perfect red lipstick" - The Daily Globe

"She is so honest - it's been a harrowing ordeal but she won the day!" - The Daily Telegraph

Cleo Magazine

I was featured in Cleo's May edition for the feature WHAT STYLISTS ARE DROPPING THEIR CASH ON THIS WINTER - take a look!