Monday, May 4, 2009

La Femme Dinner - 30th April

On Thursday night, I went to an event called LA FEMME. It was a great evening: 3 course meal and a talk by Anne Dreyer - one of SA's more famous Image Consultants.

The topic was WHAT NOT TO WEAR. Her advice?

  • Nothing that shows the panty-line

  • Nothing that shows the bulges

  • Nothing that makes you look like mutton dressed as lamb

  • Nothing too revealing.

All this is pretty much known already, but there are other things that she mentioned that were quite interesting:

  • Most of the big designers back in the 1950's were qualified architects - so they know all about style and how things are "built" and put together

  • Coco Chanel took the man's wardrobe and made it wearable for women - hence the famous Chanel suit. Many of the great designers then followed suit ('scuse the pun)

All in all, a great evening.

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