Monday, May 18, 2009

Cape Cobra - Exclusive Viewing

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive launch of CAPE COBRA - a range of leather goods (belts, to handbags to wallets and clutch bags).

The launch was held at their studio in Cape Town, and we were treated to fabulous models, lovely drinks and snacks.

I had a long chat with the MD of the company as well as the agency that has managed this launch:

  • Each item is handmade (which indicates the price you can expect to pay!)

  • Each animal that the leather is sourced from can be tracked from its egg to day. I dont condone animal cruelty or testing so I gruelled the team on how exactly they farm these animals. They are treated with respect and care, and when it comes time for the ... deed, it is done with the utmost care and thought. So that's good.

Here are some pics of their delicious range - but dont think you will be able to find this in your normal clothing retailer. Oh no. This is exclusive stuff. R20 000 exclusive.

For more info - give me a call, I have all of their details.

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