Friday, June 12, 2009

Vintage Swap

Heard of Vintage Swap? Well if you havent - it's a concept you need to read up on! It's based on the clothes swapping trend that we're seeing especially in the Northern Hemisphere: women coming together to swap their once prized fashion items. You come and sell your clothes - and while doing so, you get to network, sip champagne, munch on tasty treats, and you also get to BUY clothes! How awesome.

My friend got the idea more mainstream in SA by launching VINTAGE SWAP: an event that she has taken nationally. She runs them monthly and they have had such a great response.

So great in fact that I decided to call THE STYLE REPORT and tell them about it - they loved the idea and I got to produce my own segment for the show. Here are some snaps from the VINTAGE SWAP event on the 30th May.

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Chic! said...

Vintage swap is a really good idea. Such a simple idea that we took for granted.This is a way to go.