Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recently contributed to a feature that Cosmo Online are doing.
Check it out here: www.cosmopolitan.co.za/Magazine/Fromthemag/jeanealogy

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Charles Sorensen said...

There are a couple transforms I'll attempt on the following pair, once I've completely cleaned up my UFO plate. The groin bend in back feels awesome to me, however was developed to the degree of pulling down the back waist. My pelvis likely tilts, making this more maintained. I wouldn't fret how low the back waist is, however this leaves the front ascent higher, and a bit poofy. I'll shave somewhat off the top, at the same time bringing down the zip so the fly doesn't wind up being 2 creeps in length! The front legs are somewhat tight over my thighs, which are presumably more strong now than when I began the pants.

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