Monday, August 24, 2009


I just received this press release from Levi Strauss:

That old pair of jeans at the back of your cupboard can now be given a second lease on life.

From the 27th July, consumers can bring their old jeans – any brand, colour, style or size, (as long as they are still wearable) to any Levi's® Store. For each pair donated, you will receive a voucher that entitles you to up to R200 off your purchase of a new pair of Levi's® jeans. The old pair will be donated to disadvantaged communities supported by Rocking the Daisies and Rocking the Gardens. What a win win situation, Levi's® jeans are given to those in need; you will have scored a great new pair while doing something good!

Q: From when does this promotion run?
A: The promotion starts on Monday 27 July, and will continue as long as voucher stocks last. We hope to run the promotion for at least 2 months, but this will depend on the response we get.

Q: Can I only bring Levi's® Jeans in for donation?
A: No. Any brand, colour, style or size of jeans are acceptable as long as they are still wearable.

Q: What does “wearable” mean?
A: Whether or not the jeans are considered wearable is at the discretion of the Levi's® Store manager, but here are some guidelines to consider when deciding what to donate:

  • Fly zips must in working order and no buttons that close the jeans may be missing.
  • Rips and repairs are acceptable as long as the top block & crotch of the jean is not ripped i.e. jeans can be worn without exposing underwear
  • Jeans should be clean i.e. washed (if the jeans have paint or other permanent marks on them, this is acceptable)
  • Shorts, ¾ capris and full length jeans are all acceptable – as long as they are denim
  • Frayed leg openings are acceptable

Q: Is this promotion only valid at Levi's® Stores?
A: Yes it is, though we will announce other collection points via the media from time to time. Your voucher can however only be redeemed at a Levi's® Store.

Q: Are you collecting jeans for men and women?
A: Yes we are.

Q: Can I also donate children’s jeans?
A: Yes you can. The same conditions apply that they must be wearable.

Q: Are only jeans being collected?
A: Yes, though shorts, ¾ capris and full length jeans are all acceptable – as long as they are denim.

Q: How many pairs of jeans may one customer donate?
A: You may donate as many pairs as you wish, as long as the store has enough vouchers on hand to honour your donation & can physically accept the donation in terms of storage space in store. Remember though that each voucher can only be redeemed against one pair of jeans purchased.

Q: If I hand in three pairs of jeans and get three vouchers, can I use them all when I buy one pair of new jeans?
A: No, only one voucher can be redeemed against one pair of new jeans purchased. To use all three vouchers you would need to buy three pairs of jeans.

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